Chicago Trip: Day 3-4

One of my favorite photos from the entire trip! [And I took A LOT.]

Nothing like getting your busy started with an amazing breakfast! We went to Yolk and it was the best brunch place I've ever been to. Mostly because they had red velvet french toast! But everything was great. So much so that we went again the next day before heading to the airport.  

Then we walked over to catch the architecture tour with Wendella Boats. If you ever go to Chicago, I highly recommend this. We were lucky because it was a gorgeous day but it was so relaxing to sit on the boat, listen to history of the buildings and just take in the sights. It was a great and easy way to see this beautiful city.

After the boat tour, we went to the Sky Deck, aka the 103rd floor of the former Sears Tower. It was a long wait but totally worth it because the thing we wanted to experience was ...

"The Ledge"! It's basically an enclosed glass balcony that you step onto and lets you see straight down. I'm afraid of heights but it actually wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! I did hesitate the first time I stepped onto it but I'm glad I didn't pass up the experience. Next we headed to the Art Institute of Chicago

The picture on the left is "Ballet Skirt or Electric Light" by Georgia O'Keefe and it was my favorite piece in the museum. I still keep thinking about it and how I'd love a poster to hang in my apartment (I haven't found one yet!). We were pressed for time because the Sky Deck took longer than we expected but we still have two hours to see all the major art work and aimlessly walk around too.

After the museum, we still had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so we went to Unbridged, an indie bookstore I heard about. It's a small, cozy store with a ton of books. I tried to be good so I only walked away with one. I love supporting indie stores though! 

For our last night in Chicago, we went to Shaw's Crab House and ate a ton of seafood. Oysters, lobster, shrimp, scallops. Have I mentioned that I love seafood? And then we got their creme brûlée and raspberry pie for dessert. 

On our last day, we grabbed breakfast, did some last minute souvenir shopping for family, nearly missed our flight (we were at the wrong gate!) and headed back home to New Jersey. 

So that was our trip! 
Chicago, we loved you and 
hopefully we'll come back soon!


  1. Love it -- so glad you had such fun in my hometown. And double the love -- you are right in front of my office in one of the pics!

  2. looks amazing! the photos are lovely too <3
    wonder reads


  4. I'm now noting all these places, so that when I go to Chicago to visit my sister, I will visit them and eat! ;D


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