Life lately, according to my iPhone

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty packed: haircut, brunch with the family to celebrate my cousin's birthday, Veronica Mars movie with one of my BFFs (Marshmallows, you won't be disappointed! LoVed!), read an amazing book or two (*cough* Open Road Summer *cough*) and got in my usual errands/relaxing/catch up on shows time. What can I say - I complain about being too busy but I also really thrive on it. I think I needed to be busy this weekend though so I wouldn't be caught up in my own thoughts. It's been a weird week. I'm still adjusting to the job and still worrying incessantly as to whether or not I've proven I'm good/smart enough to be on this team. I guess it's just part of the newbie process but sometimes, I really wish my brain would shut up and I didn't care so much. 

Anyway, it's been months since my last "Life lately" post and here are some pictures from the last few weeks: 

(1) I bought these rings from Catbird a couple weeks ago and I've worn them every day since.
(2) Fitbit courtesy of work. I didn't expect to get into it but I love using this! I've been checking my steps, sleep patterns, etc. It's actually pretty fun and encouraging. 
(3) May Designs planner for my blog. This is me trying to be more organized. 
(4) While getting breakfast with friends, we noticed all the parking meters were broken and one person had a creative way of paying. (I kinda love this shot.)
(5) At Red Eye Cafe with friends - this Highlander sandwich is delish. 
(6) Love the decor at the Simit House and Bakery in Montclair. 
(7) Simit (which is a cross between a bagel & a pretzel) and a Turkish cookie. 
(8) Alexa and I went to our favorite Thai place last week. Good food & conversation every time.
(9) I tried to "plate" my food nicely for the photo. (I know, I'm a dork). But c'mon, my rice, teriyaki salmon & arugula salad look pretty, right? 
(10) It was my cousin's birthday this past weekend and we celebrated with a family brunch. Birthday girl is in the middle. 

What have you guys been up tot lately? 
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  1. I always love these posts. Your pictures are so pretty and it's just not to get a glimpse at the girl behind the blog! Of course, I do have to say my stomach is really rumbling now! So many pictures of yummy looking foooooood.

    Love the parking meter picture! Before I read your caption I thought maybe it was just a picture of someone doing a kind deed - leaving money out for the next person. Even though that's not quite what it is, it's still a nice thing either way!

  2. I second Estelle.

  3. The rings are so pretty! And so is the planner, by the way. These photos are so lovely :)

  4. I'm not a jewelry person but damn those rings are pretty-Definitely WANT. Cute planner too, I think mine's lying somewhere.. ;)


with love,