October 11, 2013

Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (52)

RACHEL • "The Way We Touch" by We Are Twin
When I mentioned to my cousin that I needed a new band, he told me to check out WE ARE TWIN. And as soon as I heard "The Way We Touch" I was hooked. It's catchy and the lead singer has a great voice. My favorite part is the chorus, when she sings:

"You'd be the best that I ever hoped for / I love it how I can't resist the way you are / The way we touch / If we are a match, I'd give you everything I longed for / I love it how I can't resist the way you are / The way we touch."

CARINA • "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus
Yes. I know. But this song is addicting and this acapella version with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon makes me smile, dance and sing along. What can I say? Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Don't judge. Press play and enjoy. Happy Friday!

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  1. Ooh! I've never heard of We Are Twin, but this song is extremely catchy. I think I'm going to check them out! Thanks for the new recommendation.


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