Le Taste of France Show

Over the weekend, my best friends and I went to the Le Taste of France Show at Bryant Park. It was my second time going and it was twice as big, twice as many vendors and twice as many people (this part I didn't love so much!). This event is kind of like stepping into Paris for a couple hours. Granted, it's a watered-down version of Paris but as someone who desperately wants to visit again, it's more than good enough for me. There are people speaking French everywhere you turn, authentic cuisine and desserts are served (macarons!) and there are a dozen French bulldogs all over the place. Okay that last part - not so important but they're so cute! 

(1) Yes, let's meet in France please.   (2) Mariannes, the currency for the event.
(3) Giant balloon in the middle of Bryant Park.   (4) On line for our first meal of the day - notice our reflections?
(5) Delicious Bouillabaisse   (6) Steak + croquettes
(7) Carina, Loren & I   (8) Frenchie kisses!
(9) Sugar and butter crepe. I seriously could eat 5 of these.   (10) Colorful macarons!
(11) Caneles   (12) They're making the Eiffel Tower out of butter.
(13) Can't believe I'm using this word but.. selfie!  (14) A view of the park filled with people. 

I had so much fun at this event! 
For anyone who lives in the city, you should definitely check it out!


with love,