Apartment updates & family time

Home sweet home ...
With all the craziness from these last two months, I had to take a little break from apartment decorating (I'm pretty sure my wallet appreciated it too) but I've missed it. There's something so fun and relaxing about adding little touches to make this place more mine. More me.  So when I had two much-needed free weekends in the beginning of August, I finally had time to do some interior decorating. 

I added a yellow side table to my living room and hung this gorgeous Paris painting I got through Gilt. I re-organized my bookcase and put all my unread ARCs and books into three piles on the floor (my uke is keeping them company). One of my friends laughed at my use of books as decorations throughout the apartment but I need the free space! I seriously need to find another bookcase. Then I hung up more wall art and photos, added some shelves to the kitchen to get rid of the clutter. It's all coming together very nicely!

Yellow side table + Paris wall art!  // Stacks of ARCS and books!
New shelves & decor in kitchen // New mirror & photo ledge in bedroom

Happy 95th Birthday to my Grandma!
My older cousin and I like to joke that our grandmother is probably the healthiest person in our family. But in all seriousness, it might be true because my grandma looks good for 95 years old! I hope I age as well as she does one day. We planned a little party for her this past weekend with just us and super close family friends. I was looking forward to it all week. All I wanted was good food, cake and quality time with my cousins. Everyone's been so busy or stressed, it was nice to unwind and enjoy each other's company. 

(1) We decorated my aunt's house a bit 
(2) Our family friend's daughter Kayla (she was fascinated by my 
bright pink nail polish and kept holding my hand, so sweet!)

(3) Carina, Ate Jackie, me & Ate Jannique <3
(4) And of course, my grandmother getting ready to blow out the candles!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Wow 95?! She looks good! My papa is only 75 but we all talk about him the same way. He's definitely the healthiest of us, and will hopefully live a long happy life! And your apartment is super cute! But wow, three stacks of unread books? You better get on that ;)

  2. Love your apartment decor! That Paris painting is real lovely. So many unread ARCs- I ACCEPT DONATIONS. Hahahaha! Belated happy birthday to your grandma! It's so awesome that she's still so strong. Wishing her more birthdays to come. :)

  3. I LOVe your apartment! Seriously. It looks super awesome and the little touches of color are fantastic.

    Also, wow 95 is a big number to achieve! Happy Birthday to you grandmother =D

  4. Your apartment is looking fantastic! And books as decor is TOTALLY legitimate. My only question: when am I going to be invited over to visit so I can see the awesomeness for myself? And, happy birthday to your Lola! She looks like she's going to be around for a very long time indeed :)


with love,