Rachel & Carina's Infinite Playlist (24)

RACHEL • "Marilyn" by G-Eazy ft. Dominique LeJeune
This is a little different from what I usually pick. I know my tastes tend to be more on the indie/alternative/random side but I love hip-hop too.. when it's good. And this song is really good. I love the beat and the mix of rapping with the female vocals. If you like this, check out "Rebel" too. I've been playing these two a lot. Enjoy!

CARINA • "My Girl Tonight" by Jon McLaughlin
I first heard Jon McLaughlin sing in the movie "Enchanted" and remembered really liking his voice. While going through his album, I stumbled upon this song and fell in love. IT. IS. JUST. SO. ROMANTIC. The combination of his voice, the piano, melody and lyrics are perfect. Now, ask that special person for a dance and hit play!

PS. Today is Carina's birthday! :)

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