Life lately.. in words and pictures.

Took my best friend Mary Ann
out for a celebratory yay
you're engaged brunch
The last couple weeks have been kind of a rollercoaster - for good reasons and some not-so-good. But right now, I want to talk about the good.

One of my best friends since I was 7 years old just got engaged this past week. Which means that not only one but two of my best friends are getting married and I am honored (hah!) to be the Maid of Honor for both. (Don't remind me about the speeches though because yeah, my stomach gets queasy every time I think about it.) I'm so happy for them. It's funny.. when we all hang out, it's easy to forget how old we are or that we have responsibilities. Even if we're whining about work, it still feels like we're the same girls we were 10+ years ago. Which technically we are. But everybody's getting engaged and before you know it, someone will be talking about babies and it's like the real world smacks me in the face to remind that I am, in fact, growing up.  Whether I want to accept it or not. For that reason and many, many others, I am finally taking my own steps forward. I officially handed in my application for an apartment this past weekend.

With besties Loren & Carina

(That was supposed to symbolize me freaking out.)

I know, for most people this probably isn't a big deal. But it is for me. I've always lived at home, aside from college, and none of my cousins have ever moved out. It's very typical in my family (and I would say Filipino culture in general) to live at home until you get married. And even though I've talked about doing this for like forever, this is the first time I've taken steps towards making it happen. I even told my parents and they didn't freak out on me like I expected them to! (At least not yet.) Now I just need to wait for an apartment to free up, which will hopefully be in a couple months.

Young House Love signing.
They are just as nice in person. 
Then aside from that I've been dealing with changes at work, going to friends' birthday parties (we're all turning 30!) and fun events like the Young House Love signing with Estelle. It's been really busy lately but for the most part it's been the good kind. Honestly though, there have been other things weighing on my mind too. Like this blog, stuff at my job and not understanding the people in my life sometimes. There have definitely been days where I've wanted to stay in bed moping or just feel like I've lost my focus.

But it's a new month and if all this has happened in January alone.. it must mean there's just a lot more to come.


  1. I definitely feel so old every single day, even though I am only 25 -- because everyone around me is getting married, having babies and buying houses. It's thrilling and exciting though.

    How wonderful that you get to be Maid Of Honor in 2 weddings, I am sure you will be aces at your speeches. <3

  2. thumbs up on the apt application! it's exciting to move out and get your own place. (esp when you can decorate & make it your own.) is the apt in the city or nj?

  3. February is a new month, a clean slate, a chance for things to be EVEN BETTER. I just know it's going to be a wonderful month for you :)


with love,