CAKE concert

My cousins and I went to see CAKE at the Wellmont Theatre this past Saturday. It's been a while since I've been to a concert - the kind where it's general admission and you're standing for 2 hours to watch a band you love but you don't even notice because they're just that good. It was definitely one of those times. I had never seen CAKE live before and they were pretty amazing. I didn't know how many little instruments were involved with their songs. Like the melodica, vibraslap, güiro, cowbell, and maracas. I had to google half these things to be honest! But it made their show even more interesting to watch. I wanted to take more pictures and at least one video but unfortunately we weren't allowed to (I managed to sneak in one!). So instead, I'm including of one of my favorite songs: Love You Madly.



with love,