Latest Read: Across the Universe

Here are the basics ...
Book: Across the Universe (#1)
Author: Beth Revis
Category: Young Adult - Dystopian / Science Fiction

Summary:  A love out of time. A spaceship built of secrets and murder. When Amy is frozen aboard the interstellar spaceship Godspeed, she expects to be woken in 300 years on a new planet. Instead, someone wakes her up early…and if Amy doesn’t figure out soon, the next people woken up might not survive–including her parents. (Adapted

My thoughts…
The good:  Once I started Across the Universe, it was hard to put down. It started off on this unexpected emotional note and then you're thrown immediately into the futuristic world.  But it never felt overwhelming.  The story was well-paced and each bit of information we got led you deeper into the mystery surrounding the Godspeed. About halfway through, I thought I had it all figured out and while I was (somewhat) right, that was only one piece of the puzzle. There were other reveals that I didn't see coming (and then I thought to myself - how did I not see that?!).

I always enjoy alternating POVs and this was no exception.  But in this case, it was really helpful to understand both sides of the story.  Through Amy's eyes, I saw my own reaction to this crazy life on the ship.  The wrongness of it.  Her chapters perfectly depicted the horror anyone would feel in her position and I liked that she fought it every step of the way. That she wanted the truth and would do anything to protect her parents. Then through Elder's eyes, the "logic" and history behind their way of living is revealed and how he starts to understand how un-normal it is.  Even though the book is supposed to be sci-fi, Elder's education from Eldest also explores some moral and ethical themes.  It definitely makes you think.  But I was happy once Elder started to see the flaws and snap out of it.  Inevitably, an attraction builds between Amy and Elder (actually for him it's immediate) but they don't focus on it.  It's definitely there though and I think there's going to be a lot more romance in the upcoming books. 

(Minor) reservations:  Two words for you - The Season. At one point in the book, the plot starts to take a disturbing turn. It's vital to an aspect of the plot, as it explains their way of living, but it starts to go on for too long.  As I read the multiple descriptions (and unfortunately envisioning what was going on), it started to feel like a shock value device instead of actually pushing the story forward.

Do I recommend?: Yes! I'm glad that Alexa mentioned the book to me.  I'll be taking out the second book from the library very soon!

Happy reading!

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  1. You actually managed to read this book before I did! I'm glad you ended up liking it... And I also feel like I should/must catch up to you!


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