Meet Your Fictional Match

I couldn't just rant about all the male characters I dislike and then not tell you about the ones I love.  There’s a bunch!  But I’ll try to keep it short and sweet (and in no particular order).

Etienne St. Clair of Anna & the French Kiss 

From the moment he took Anna to Point Zero in Paris, I was in love with his character.  He's a genuinely good guy but he's flawed.  He definitely makes mistakes but they're realistic ones.  And in the end, it's his actions around Anna that speak louder than words.  

Lucas of Easy
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Lucas definitely has the mysterious and brooding thing going on.  The tattoos and piercings may give him the bad boy vibe but there's a lot more going on than meets the eye.  My favorite thing about him is not only is he there for Jacqueline throughout the book, but he believes in her.  In her strength and her ability to take care of herself and helps her to see that too. 

Augustus Waters of The Fault In Our Stars
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I dare you to read this book and not fall in love with Augustus.  It's just not possible.  He's funny, warm  and honest.  After everything he's been through, he's still able to find joy and love in the world.  And most of all, he's not afraid to show someone how much he cares.

Jericho Barrons of The Fever series
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For those of you who like the alpha male type, this is about as close as it gets for me.  Keep in mind that he falls into the paranormal romance category so that, for me, explains some of his tendencies (for lack of a better word). But when you strip away all that, he's an honorable, fiercely loyal man who loves passionately.  He and Mac have a volatile relationship but it's oozing with chemistry and intensity. I loved it.

Matt Watkins of Flat-Out Love
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I don't care that he's kind of a dork and can go on rants about fonts like a nerd.  I love Matty.  He's smart, funny, loves his family.  I mean the way he holds his crazy family together is nothing short of amazing.  He's always there for Julie and he goes through some crazy, not-quite-sensical (if you read the book, you know what I mean) ways to show how deeply he cares. 

Prince Ash of The Iron Fey series
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He's one of those guys who at first glance seems stoic and cocky but once he loves, he loves more deeply than you can imagine.  He has this epic romance with Meghan. They're on opposing sides of the fey world and according to the rules, they're not allowed to fall in love but they do anyway. He definitely fights his feelings for her. Then slowly but surely, he gives into them.  And it is SO swoon-worthy. 

Jace Wayland of The Mortal Instruments series
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Jace is a lot like Ash except he's not stoic.  He's arrogant and full of himself and you're not sure half the time if you want to smack him or kiss him.  Aside from his family, he's never really cared about anyone else.  Then he meets Clary and she basically turns his world upside down. He loves her and there's just something unwavering in his feelings for her that really appeals to me. Plus I do love their banter. 

Jase Garrett of My Life Next Door

As far as fictional guys go, I consider Jase to be.. perfection. What I would do to meet a guy like that in real life! He's open, honest, thoughtful.  Mature beyond his years.  He's devoted to his family and to Sam.  What I loved most about him was that he didn't play any games. He was sure of his feelings for her and went for it. And when they hit some bumps in their relationship, he'd actually communicate with her. Plus he sounds pretty hot and the scenes between him & Sam were filled with chemistry. 

Jake Tolan of Saving June
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It's simple.. I'm a sucker for musicians.  Jake is passionate about music, can play the guitar AND he makes June a mix cd. Oh goodness, I love a good mix cd.  But I do have other reasons for liking him, I swear! He's there for June and accepts her for exactly who she is. They can talk and banter and I just loved all their scenes together.

So I think that covers all my types - the nice guy, the "bad" boy, dorky, musician, etc.  But there's pretty much a common theme.  My favorite kind of fictional guys are the ones who are honest, truly love their girl and accepts them for exactly who they are without diminishing their intelligence by assuming they can't take care of themselves.  And if he happens to play the guitar, that's an added bonus.

I hope you all read through my list and found a book (or a guy) you'd love to read about! 


  1. Augustus Waters. My favorite. Makes me want to re-read that book. Still on "Easy" and I can see why you chose Lucas and of course, I agree on your choice of Matty =) Great list!

  2. Awesome list. And I just realized that I've only read three out of all these books - must remedy that!


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