Burn for Burn Launch Party

This past Tuesday, I went to the Burn for Burn book launch party at Books of Wonder with Alexa.  I really don't know what I was doing before I discovered this wonderful book store because I love attending all their events. It was a good-sized but intimate crowd and they were serving ice cream and drinks.  We even noticed a couple authors in attendance like David Levithan (!!) and Elizabeth Eulberg.

Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian eventually took center stage to share some stories with us and read some "scenelets". That was my probably my favorite part. They talked about times they had been humiliated in high school (which drew a lot of aww's and laughter from the audience) and how that inspired the premise of the book. They also talked about writing together which was really interesting. They mentioned how for one particularly intense scene, they even started fighting in "real life" and in first-person, as if they were the actual character. It goes to show how strongly they feel about getting their scenes right.  But I think the comment that probably made me laugh the most was something Jenny said. She compared editing a friend's book to playing with a friend's or sibling's baby -- you care but at the end of the day, you give it back whereas with your own book, that's your baby. To which Siobhan interjected saying, but now "they've had a baby together!".  Maybe you had to be there but I definitely giggled.

Then afterwards, Alexa and I got our books signed (along with some other goodies) and headed over to Shake Shack for dinner. It's so nice to attend things like this, with people who feel as passionately about books and reading as you do.  I'm definitely glad that we've become friends!


I'll be reading my copy of Burn for Burn soon, so expect a review within the next couple of weeks! But if you can't wait, check it out on Goodreads, here.

Jenny Han's website (I love her series, The Summer I Turned Pretty!)
Siobhan Vivian's website 

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  1. I think it's a blessing that I have friends who love books as much as I do who want to attend all these amazing events with me. It makes me feel more comfortable, and definitely helps me have an even better time <3


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