TGIF (5): Unexpected Books

TGIF at GReads is a feature for Fridays to propose a a book-related question to everyone and to re-cap the week's posts. Definitely a fun thing for book lovers to participate in. 

This Friday's Question:
 Which books did you have reservations about reading, but ended up loving once you did?

I know, I know.  How could I possibly resist this series? But I did! My freshmen college roommate was obsessed, the first movie was coming out and still I refused to read it.  The fact that it was so popular turned me off (don't ask).  But I eventually did read it and was completely hooked.  

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain [my review]

When I was voting for the Goodreads Choice Awards last year, this book was nominated for a couple categories and I was curious.  The reviews were really good but I still felt skeptical.  The book is about Hemingway and I'm not his biggest fan (ugh, Old Man and the Sea) plus I knew he was philanderer (a topic I don't like to read about in books).  I decided to try anyway and I ended up loving it. The book gave his first wife, Hayley, a voice that I don't think many people have heard.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins [my review]

I totally and completely judged this book based on the title and cover.  Every time I read a great review or someone mentioned how much they loved it, I would consider reading it.  But then I'd see that cover and think to myself - no I can't! (You have to admit, the cover isn't that great!) Eventually, I did read it though and surprise surprise, I loved it.

 This Week's Recap:
Latest Read: Crewel (enjoyed!)
Latest Read: Crash (did NOT enjoy)
Latest Read: Jellicoe Road (loved!)


  1. Another for Harry Potter! I wonder if anyone just picked it up and thought it would be good? Seems like everyone was hesitant.

    Here's my TGIF

  2. Oh girl, I totally get the Harry Potter hesitation because I felt EXACTLY that way. Thank goodness we read it!


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