Focus on the positive

Focusing on the positive isn't always the easiest advice to remember.  It's so simple and yet, it can make such a big difference to not let the little things drag you down.  So I'm going to do just that! 

This past weekend: 

- Lots of laughs and bonding time with Ate Jannique and Carina.
We attended a bridal shower on Saturday and the sole highlight was spending time with them.  It's a good feeling knowing that people have got your back - even when you don't realize you need it.

- Dinner with two of my best friends at an amazing Haitian restaurant.   
It always feels like too much time has passed in between our dinners (even though it really hasn't).  But I guess it's because we always have so much fun together :)

- Other little highlights: red velvet cupcakes, good books, catching up on White Collar,
practicing the ukulele (my cousin is teaching me!) and wearing a pretty yellow dress.

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