It's June already!

Céline: I had this funny...well, horrible dream the other day. I was having this awful nightmare, that I was 32, and then I woke up, and I was 23, so relieved! And then I woke up for real, and I was 32. Scary!
Jesse: It happens.
Céline: Yeah, time goes faster and faster. Apparently, it's because we don't renew our synapses after 20. So, it's pretty much downhill from then on. Oh well.
Jesse: I like getting older, you know, it feels...I don't know, it feels more immediate. You know, like I can appreciate things more.

- Before Sunset
I was just thinking this morning how I couldn't believe it was June 1st already.  Like how did half a year pass by?  Wasn't New Years just yesterday?  Then immediately after I had that thought, I was reminded of this scene from Before Sunset.  Time does feel like it's going faster.  Did I do half or even any of the things I hoped to do in 2012 yet?  I mean, usually I'm not big on the whole let me write down a list of resolutions/goals thing but I have to admit, back in December I actually did write one...

What I did:- I didn't find a new job but I did redo my portfolio, did some freelance work and I spoke to my boss about a promotion.  So that's still something!
- Maybe nothing life-altering but in my own (quiet) way I've said or done things outside my comfort zone.
- Booked a trip with my cousins go to Portland, Maine.  I've never been there before and I am personally looking forward to the long drive and of course, lounging by the beach.  Then the besties and I are in the middle of planning a vacation to Punta Cana, DR.
- Read 46 books.  54 more to go!
- Seeing Javier Dunn next week and possibly Young the Giant next month.
- Took three zumba classes and one aquafit class.  Mary Ann and I are also thinking about pilates.

What I still have to do (or think about doing):
- Move out.
- Go to the beach.
- Travel somewhere by myself.

Not too bad, right? There's a still a lot more I hope to do by the end of this year but so far, so good!


with love,