Life lately, according to my iPhone

A couple weeks ago, my coworker asked me to get lunch at Caracas Arepas Bar. It's a bit far but the really good food and stroll around the East Village was so worth it. Plus who am I to argue with a long lunch break?

I ordered this really fun necklace from Meg Frampton that I have yet to wear (definitely check out her stuff!). Another thing I ordered recently? Brightly colored flats!

Watched The Five-Year Engagement with Michelle, which was hilarious. Hung out with Susan (and Ani her dog) - we watched Newsies (I love you Christian Bale but your singing is meh at best) and stuffed our faces with food.

Bought and read Insurgent. (Will post review tomorrow!) Celebrated Loren's birthday last night by going to Zumba and treating ourselves to some froyo.


with love,