Latest Read: The Immortal Rules

Here are the basics ...
Book: The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden #1)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Category: Young Adult

My thoughts ...
Short summary: In a future world, vampires reign and humans are nothing but "blood cattle".  Allison Sekemoto survives on the outskirts of a vampire city, scavenging for food with her crew.  Some days, her hatred of vampires is the only thing keeping her going until one night, she's attacked to the point of near death. Suddenly she's faced with the choice to die or become one of them and chooses.. to keep going even if it means being a vampire.

The good:  After reading the Twilight books and the general explosion of vampires across movies, TV and books - I had had enough.  (Of course I make an exception for The Vampire Diaries.) So I was kind of surprised to hear Julia Kagawa (a writer that I adore; her series The Iron Fey is one of my all-time faves) was going down that route. And wow.. I never should've doubted because this book was awesome! She kept the standard vampire lore (can't come out during the day, stakes are bad, no one sparkles) while making it her own and fresh by throwing in some post-apocalyptic / zombie undertones. She's so good at building worlds AND developing characters. You know I love bad-ass heroines and Allie was no exception. She's tough and hardened by the circumstances that she's been dealt but there's still this vulnerable side to her. This side that cares no matter what. I just loved her whole journey (plus there's a boy she meets along the way!).

The bad:
I can't think of anything bad.  But keep in mind that this is the first in a series, so the build up of this world and the change Allison goes through is definitely paced a certain way.  (This disclaimer is for the readers who want crazy action right off the bat.  But the set up of the book worked for me!)

Do I recommend?:
I'd recommend pretty much anything written by Julie Kagawa.  Definitely looking forward to the rest of the series!

Happy reading! 


with love,