Life lately, according to my iPhone

Last week, my cousin and I took her two kids out for lunch & a movie (we saw Mirror Mirror - it was terrible!).  It's been fun spending more time with my nephews lately.. although I am constantly amazed by how big they've gotten (and how old I am!). 

Some video games before the movie (my cousin had to help Benaiah with the pedal). I sent this photo to Carina after I highlighted by hair because I was freaking out (now you can see my new 'do and new iPhone case).

Dinner with the besties at CPK - love their four cheese ravioli.  Brunch with the cousins at Raymond's.


  1. Still can't believe how big your nephew has gotten! So cute! As for your hair - you were freaking out over nothing LOL. It looks great! & dinner with you girls always ends up being fun times :)


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