February 13, 2012

things keeping me insanely busy these days

I don't know whether my lack of of blogging, tweeting and even texting is due to being extremely busy or  because I feel like I'm in a rut.  Maybe it's both.  The busy part is easier to explain.

  • A not-so-enjoyable bridesmaid dress shopping experience.  Just imagine 12 girls wandering around the mall aimlessly for hours.  (On the up side, I eventually did find a dress!)
  • My god-daughter turned 2 and my eldest nephew turned 9!  It never ceases to amaze me when I think about how much time has flown by.
  • I went to my first dine-in theatre with Ate Jackie and Ate Jannique to watch The Vow.  Loved the theatre! The movie? Not so much. (Touching story, badly made movie).
  • Work draining me mentally (and sometimes emotionally). 
  • Birthday dinner for Carina, shopping and another round of The Vow with my favorite girls.  
  • Worked on a side project! I redesigned The Fabulous Mom which is the first freelance job I've done in forever.  It was fun to get back into designing and coding websites.  
  • Lots of other things I'm probably forgetting to mention :) 

And as for the feeling like I'm in a rut part? I'll save that blog for another day.  I'm off to watch Fringe reruns and sleep early.  You know I want to feel well-rested and cheerful for Valentine's Day tomorrow! (Just kidding.) 

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