Latest Read: Before I Fall

Here are the basics ...
BookBefore I Fall
Author: Lauren Oliver
Category: Young Adult

My thoughts ...
Short summary: Sam Kingston is your typical pretty, popular girl in high school - meaning she's completely self-absorbed and kind of a b*tch (but she knows it and doesn't mind). Then one day, which should've just been like any other day, turns out to be her last. The catch is that she wakes up the next day and is forced to relive that day 7 more times, in order to figure out what happened the night she died and why. 

The good:  Dying and then being forced to live this one day in her life over and over again, puts things in perspective for Sam.  The book isn't just about the mystery surrounding her death.  It's about really seeing and appreciating all the things in your life that people often take for granted.  And when you know that time is running out - what do you do about it.  I liked that message plus the running theme that your actions have consequences.  

The bad: Here's the thing - the story is about mean girls. As in, imagine The Mean Girls movie (minus the satire) and that's pretty much who they are.  That made this hard to read because I didn't like who I was reading about.   I couldn't relate.  I didn't even like the protagonist until more than halfway through the book.  Just reading about their lives.. I mean, am I really supposed to feel sorry for them when they're cruel to everyone below their "popularity" status for no good reason? Even if it is a front for their own insecurities.. I couldn't bring myself to care.  Luckily the protagonist does evolve and because of it, other more interesting characters come into play.

Do I recommend?: I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either.  And to be fair, this book got a ton of great reviews which why I decided to pick it up in the first place.  So if the premise intrigues you.. it might be worth a shot.

Happy reading! 

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  1. It is an intriguing premise. Plus, I saw a girl reading it on the subway and the cover looks so gorgeous in person. I'm going to have to check it out for sure, despite being totally against mean girls in general!


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