Latest Read: Brightest Kind of Darkness

Here are the basics ...
Book: Brightest Kind of Darkness
Author: P.T. Michelle
Category: Young Adult

My thoughts ...
Short summary: Every night Nara Collins dreams the events of the following day and for the most part has never tried to change fate.  Until one day she dreams about a bombing at her high school and intervenes.  Soon after, her powers start to diminish, more people are getting hurt and she meets Ethan Harris.. who may be able to help her find the answers she's looking for. 

The good: 
 What drew me to the book was the concept - the idea that this girl knows her entire day ahead of time and how she deals with it.  It was interesting to read how Nara used that knowledge to her advantage with school, sports, relationships and how that same knowledge also crippled her at times.  

The bad:  
Aside from the concept, I just didn't like the book or the protagonist very much.  The concept was great; the execution was not.  There was so much to explore and instead the author focused too much on a romance that felt extremely rushed.  It was a bad case of instant "falling in love" and overly dramatized moments of professing their feelings, which I didn't find compelling at all (and I love a good romance!).  The language also felt too juvenile and I'm pretty sure I caught some grammatical errors (it's self-published so that might explain why).  

Do I recommend?:
No.  I really wanted to like this because I've seen so many positive ratings but I could not get into it.  Now, that makes two books in a row that I haven't liked - wish me luck on my next one.  I need something good! 

Happy reading!

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  1. Oh dear. This one sounded really good too! I'm grateful for your review though, because it makes me warier of reading this.


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