a very merry christmas!

the boys & santa; with my parents & grandma

aunt, uncle, mommy; desserts (i made cupcakes & cookies!)

so much food! even more trays as the night went on; my nephews

the cousins! one of my fave pics from the night; mariel

I love the entire month of December and Christmas is by far my favorite holiday to celebrate.  But for some reason, it was just extra fun this year.  Maybe it's because we mixed up our usual traditions and it made everything feel kind of new.  When I think about the last two days, I picture.. 

Staying up until midnight with John and Jason - baking (and burning cookies), making stuffing and watching movies (I'm kind of obsessed with The Rise of the Planet of the Apes now).  Laughing at my aunt who insisted that my uncle and cousins change into pajamas and open presents early while I take "candid" photos for her to post on Facebook.  The moment all my cousins and I exchanged presents and found out who had who (loved my gifts - a Kate Spade flat pouch & two books from the Iron Fey series).  Watching all the kids running around.  Chatting with my cousin's wife about books (we're constantly recommending books to one another). More presents, more food.  It was just a very warm, laughter-filled Christmas :)

I'm still somewhat basking in the post-Christmas glow and enjoying the relaxing week while it lasts. 


with love,