Latest Read: Clockwork Prince

Here are the basics ...
BookClockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Category: Young Adult - Fantasy 

(Read my review of the first book here.  The rest of this might be a little spoiler-y so you might want to skip if you haven't read Clockwork Angel yet.)

My thoughts ...
One sentence summary:  Tessa Gray continues to discover the truth of her past and find her place with the rest of the Shadowhunters as they pursue the Magister, who is building a clockwork army to destroy them all.

The good:
While I really enjoyed Clockwork Angel, this book hooked me in a way that the first one didn't.  I think because there was more focus on character development and it had these relationships evolving in some way.  As much as I love and appreciate the detail the author she puts into the world she's created, it always comes down to the characters to me and how I feel about them.  And she does a great job with that (I love this author!). We got to learn more about everyone, in particular Will and Jem.  Who are, of course, the two boys in love with Tessa.  Personally I'm Team Will but both relationships are well done.  It's just a bit frustrating in that way all love triangles are when you don't know who exactly will end up together.  

The bad:  
Don't get me wrong, I adore Tessa.  She's definitely up there with my favorite female protagonists but at times I wished I could reach into the book and shake her.  Then I would remember that the story takes place in the Victorian age so times were different and I'd forgive her character (a little bit).  That's not really so bad though.  

Do I recommend?:  
Yes, I do.  If you read the first book and liked the series but weren't sure if you loved it - keep reading.  This book will definitely get you into it.  

Happy reading!


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