Latest Read: Tiger's Voyage

Here are the basics ...
Books: Tiger's Voyage (Book #3 of Tiger's Curse series)
Author: Colleen Houck
Category: Young Adult - Fantasy 
Note: This is the third book in the series, so if you haven't read the previous books - you might not want to read this.  But I'll try to keep things spoiler-free!

My thoughts ...
One sentence summary: Kelsey is still on her quest to break the 300-year-old Indian curse that's been placed upon Ren and Kishan (who are princes and brothers).  

The good: 
I read a lot of fantasy books and this series goes in a very unique direction.  Instead of employing the usual vampires / werewolves / faeries / angels mythology (which I enjoy too!), this story incorporates a lot of culture.  Particularly, Indian and Chinese culture.  There's also a lot of "classic" fairytale elements with the princes, a curse and going on a quest.  And of course the love triangle! Although I did find it more frustrating than enjoyable in this novel (but still well-written).

The bad:  
Both Ren and Kishan are good guys that happen to be in love with the same girl - Kelsey.  They're also supposed to be very good-looking which the author reminds us of on every other page.  I mean she's a 17 year old girl on a magical quest to help them break this curse.  I get it - there's a lot of romantic moments, she's young, they're hot, whatever.  But do I really need to hear about their bronze chests all the time?  No.  I also don't like that Kelsey often says she's not pretty enough or good enough.  Her character is strong, smart, feisty and generous.  There's a lot to like about her.  But I hate the inferiority complex.

Do I recommend?
: Yes.  I recommend the whole series. There are just some things to overlook (like what I mentioned in "the bad") but there's definitely a lot more good.  The whole series is a pageturner and I couldn't wait to find out what happened.  Of course I thought the series was a trilogy and it turns out I was wrong.  I'm gonna have to wait until summer 2012 for Book 4! 

Happy reading!


  1. Ahhh!! I almost started reading this and then I was like OMG SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! haha I am reeeeally praying for a swift end to this semester and then you and I can actually sit and chat about these great books.

  2. @FieryPixieDust - Yes we have so many books to chat about! We also need to plan a dinner/movie night ASAP :)


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