Life lately, according to my iPhone

I admit, I got the idea from another blog to do these kind of posts.  I felt a little guilty about copying but then I saw that a bunch of blogs do this! So now I feel less bad but just to cover all my bases - whoever came up with this idea.. you're awesome and thanks.

(Left to right): Lobster mac & cheese from Madison Square Garden EATS.  Dinner with the besties. Dunkin donuts coffee, Saturday morning. Local designer market in Soho.  C.Wonder grand opening. Free flowers to send to anyone in NYC or Brooklyn courtesy of C.Wonder. Traditional beef pie from the Tuck Shop at Chelsea Market.


  1. I think they are opening up a C. Wonder in our mall and I meant to look it up and totally forgot! Looks like you're iPhone is having a fun life lately. Don't make me jealous. haha.

  2. @stelle - You should check it out when it opens! I liked the store a lot - they have cute bags :)

  3. that was fun! we should do dinner and nyc days more often!

  4. @loren - Agreed, we should! I want to shop some more at Soho and go back to Chelsea Market. Maybe sometimes in Nov?


with love,