Latest Read: The Fever Series

It's been a week since my last book post and you're probably wondering what happened.  Did I take a break from reading?  Forget to blog?


Been reading a five book series and I just finished an hour ago.  So here I am, ready to review!

Here are the basics ...
BooksDarkfever (#1), Bloodfever (#2), Faefever (#3), Dreamfever (#4), Shadowfever (#5)
Author: Karen Marie Moning

Category: Fiction - Science Fiction & Fantasy / Romance

My thoughts ...
Three sentence summary (no way I can sum this up in one!): MacKayla Lane was just a small-town southern girl who loved the color pink, shopping and her family.  Then her sister is murdered in Ireland and her entire life changes. What begins as a journey for answers quickly turns into a deadly war between The Fae and she's the only person who can save the world from them. 

The good:
I read this book because a friend recommended it to me and I trust her taste in books completely (probably because we like the same ones).  She said it was about faeries and since I had just read the Iron Fey series, I might like this. I checked it out, skimmed the summary and downloaded it onto my Nook immediately.  I had assumed that it was another Young Adult series but quickly realized it was for adults (no way I'd let my teenage daughter read it).  I
t's not easy to categorize this book.  It's kind of a rollercoaster actually.  It's very, very dark at times and then there are these unexpected moments that had me laughing out loud because I could just picture the scenes so clearly in my head (the author has a way with words).  It's got this detailed Faerie mythology, a romance (I use the term loosely; this relationship is volatile, chock full of chemistry and dangerous) and characters that you love and frustrate you completely, all at once.  It's definitely a world to get absorbed in and you want them, especially MacKayla, to persevere.  

The bad:  
The female protagonist and heroine, MacKayla, evolves a lot over the course of five books and I actually loved her character.  But in the beginning, she was just a pretty girl who wanted to get married, have babies while living next door to her sister and of course, shop & suntan.  And the author doesn't let you forget it.  I mean, I understand that MacKayla's roots are important but the author would go into excruciating detail over what she was wearing, right down to the name of her nail polish color.  Not once, not twice, but multiple times.  She could've, and should've, cut back on that.  Then.. I mentioned the series was dark and what I'm about to say isn't necessarily a bad thing but I just wasn't expecting it.  There's a lot of sex in these books.  Think True Blood / Game of Thrones graphic. Often times it's pertinent to the the story and how the Fae are portrayed, other times gratuitous.  I'm just saying that if reading that sort of thing, sexual innuendos and lots of references to people's body parts makes you extremely uncomfortable - you probably won't want to read this. (It doesn't start off that way immediately but gets progressively so as you continue onto each book.)

Do I recommend?:
I'm torn.  I mostly want to say yes because well, clearly I enjoyed the series (and plan to read more of her books).  I couldn't put it down and read all five books in seven days.  The cliffhangers are so sudden, that you're left wanting more immediately.. and trust me, once you start you will want more.  (At least I did.)  But I can see how it's not for everyone.  For me, it's a yes.  And if you like shows such as True Blood or Games of Thrones, enjoy fantasy and romance - then it's probably a yes for you too. 

Happy reading! 


  1. just bought the series and the unbecoming of mara dyer on my kindle.. so much reading for me to do!

  2. @loren - nice! you gotta let me know what you think!

  3. Here's a series that I've heard of, but I'm not sure that I'm interested in reading it. I'm not a particularly big True Blood/GoT fan, so I'm not sure if I'll like this one. It's intriguing though!


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