what 1.5 days without power looks like


I don't know about the rest of you living in North Jersey but I was only expecting a little bit of snow.  Instead, we got a freaking blizzard and around 4pm the power went out in my house (as I was in the middle of mixing up a batch of red velvet chocolate chip cookies, of course). So until the power came back yesterday at 10pm (!), I didn't do much but stay warm, snack, clean up my room, re-read books (no Internet access = no new books on my Nook) and hang out with Benaiah, who refused to let me nap. 

I think my favorite moment of the whole debacle was on Saturday night.  I was quickly running out of ways to entertain my nephew so I grabbed a pint of green tea ice cream & two spoons, sat us down in the kitchen and ate while he talked on and on (mostly about how he keeps getting yellow notes from his teacher for talking too much).  Even though I miss the days when he was still a baby, I do love the way he calls me Mama Rachel, loud and clear, and makes me laugh with his stories.  

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  1. I haven't experienced the power going out in an incredibly long time - but in a way, I miss it. With frequent power outages in the Philippines back in the day, I used the time to read or to just reflect on my life.


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