Life Lately | Pleasant Valley Lavender Farm

Ever since I discovered that local lavender farms existed, I've been wanting to go and it was fitting to go with Alexa because at one point, we wanted to plan a trip to Provence, a destination famous for their lavender fields. It's not quite France but Pleasant Valley Lavender, located in NJ, was a lovely escape for the day. 

We went to Comfi for breakfast first, a restaurant less than 20 minutes away from the farm that had this strip-mall, homey diner vibe and a huge menu. There were so many options! I got their Famous Homemade Caramel Apple French Toast (if you ever go, ask for the caramel syrup on the side; my one complaint on this otherwise great dish was it became too sweet) and Alexa got Sweet Snazz (a grilled croissant dipped in their special batter and topped with fruit and Nutella). 

From there we went to the farm! There was no admission fee and you just paid for what you picked. We each got a decent bouquet and paid less than $10 for it. The fields are admittedly on the smaller but there's still a lot to pick from as they have French, English, and white lavender. There are certain areas where they asked us not to cut flowers from since people tend to take photos (like us!). But we personally enjoyed our visit a lot. There was something very relaxing about cutting flowers together at this cozy, little farm and I can totally see us coming back! 

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