Life Lately | NYC and Movie Outings, plus a Birthday!

This past month has been busy, busy, busy (not that I'm complaining) and in between my trip to Turks and Caicos, I've had some other fun outings with cousins, Alexa, and on my own. 

Solo NYC date • Did I take a random day off in the middle of the week just to walk around and look at bags? Why yes, yes I did. And I highly recommend doing this! There's something about going out when you're supposed to be working that makes it extra fun. I got breakfast at Birch Coffee and proceeded to walk to three different bag stores. First was Goyard, which was a bit of a letdown to be honest. Maybe if I didn't already have a tried-and-true tote, I'd be more inclined to buy their stuff but yeah, that was kind of a bummer. Then I walked to my favorite, Dior, and tried on some bags (for fun!) but ended up walking out with a really pretty ring. And the final store I went to was Bembien, which is located at Rockefeller Center, but they were unfortunately late to open that day (of all the days!) so I couldn't go in but based on the window display, their stuff looks cute.

Once I got bag window shopping out of the way, I bought Crocs for my nephew (how impressive is that Statue of Liberty mural made of crocs?!) and ended my outing with lunch at Awesum Dimsum.  

Bestie outing • Both Alexa and I needed a mid-week, post-work pick-me-up so we went out for books and food. We stopped by Yu & Me Books for the first time, which is an Asian-American female run bookstore in NYC. We were long overdue for a visit and we loved the cozy feel of the store. After that, we got dinner at Noodle Village (good food, best scallion pancakes, but we felt rushed to finish our meal) and dessert at Alimama Tea (prettiest drinks ever and yummy mochi donuts!). 

Movie outings • My cousin RJ and I have a tradition of watching movies together (particularly Marvel ones) so obviously, we had to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He enjoyed it way more than I did because of the horror movie vibes whereas I liked it but wasn't in love with the actual story. Plus Doctor Strange has never been a favorite of mine, although I do enjoy him as part of the overall ensemble. After the movie, we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together catching up over lunch and then dessert at Kubo Creamery.  

[No pictures captured above but I have to mention -- I watched Downton Abbey: A New Era by myself and now that is a movie I completely loved!]

Ian turns 2 • How is my baby nephew two years old already?! The time has just flown but I've enjoyed every minute of watching this funny, lovable little boy grow up (but seriously, I wish time would slow down!). We had a party a couple weeks ago and I am amazed by how well this came together considering my cousins got back from their vacation the night before (as did I). Ian is currently obsessed with minions so that was clearly the theme. My cousin's wife did an incredible job with the decorations and my other cousin got this really cool minion costume (which all the kids loved). And my contribution was, as always, cupcakes! I did blue velvet cupcakes with yellow frosting to match theme. We all had such a great time!

What have you been up to lately?


with love,