(Mostly) Luxury Designer Bag Wishlist

Since I last shared my bag collection, I've done quite a bit of selling and donating and only two new additions (one was a present). But I find that I'm getting a lot more selective in what I purchase and that I'd rather save up for what I really want, rather than getting a less expensive bag as a "consolation". Right now, there's actually nothing else left that I'd want to sell (I'm down to 16 bags!), which I'm very happy about. But that means I've been mostly focusing on what I'd like to get next. I've been saving screenshots to my phone, reading/watching reviews, and checking them out in store if possible. So I thought it would be fun to share what's on my wishlist! 

[See image above; from top-bottom, left-right; I'll link what I can]

Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne, gold on gold • Yes, Hermes handbags have finally made their way on my wishlist and this won't be the first time I'll mention the brand in this post. This one is probably my ultimate dream bag from them. I love that it's multi-functional and can be worn crossbody or on the crook of the arm, plus that "gold" (aka tan or caramel) shade is just perfection. 

Hermes Birkin 25 in Togo Leather, rouge sellier with gold hardware • I have to say, I never understood the Birkin hype until recently but now I get it and understand how beautiful the craftsmanship is. The only reason why it's not my dream bag from Hermes is because it can only be worn on the crook of the arm. I've also been wanting a chocolate brown colored bag and again, Hermes is just killing it with the colors. 

Hermes Lindy in Mini or 26, vert de gris with gold hardware •  I had been eyeing this bag before but it wasn't until I recently saw two women wearing the mini and the 26 that I realized just how cute and practical this bag is. I'm torn on the sizes but I do want either the vert de gris color or even the vert rousseau color pictured above. And since you need to show brand loyalty before being offered a Kelly or Birkin, I think this would be a great Hermes starter bag. 

Goyard Mini Anjou in yellow • This is the latest addition to my wishlist. I've been so curious about the brand but their structureless totes never appealed to me, especially since I have my LV Neverfull already. Then I saw this! The size is perfect, it's reversible (so you can see the print or plain leather), and I love the pop of color this would add to my collection. I typically go for neutrals and muted colors but yellow is the one exception. 

Longchamp Mademoiselle Shoulder Bag in Medium • This isn't luxury designer but it does retail over $1K, which surprised me since I usually buy their nylon bags which are all under $150. I saw this when I went to the outlet and I loved the look and size of it. It would be a great shoulder bag to use for work since I usually wear a backpack now or if I want something more casual than my Chanel Classic Flap. I keep thinking about going back to the outlet just to get this, since the price there was < $900. 

Polene Numero Un Nano in MokaHere's another (and my last) non-luxury designer bag on this list. I had originally purchased the regular Numero Un bag in Paris three years ago and while I loved the structure of the bag, the large size didn't really work for me. It was hard to get in and out of, especially when I tried to fit a book in there and it ultimately was too bulky for my frame. When I saw they came out with this size, I knew I wanted to add it my collection so I sold my bag. I don't know when I'll purchase this version but I will! (And hopefully by then I'll know for sure if I want moka or black.)

Hermes Picotin 18 in Craie (or Nata) • This would actually be the most ideal Hermes starter bag since it's surprisingly under $3K and way more affordable than I expected it to be. It's so cute and I love that it's inspired by a horse feedbag. Normally I wouldn't go for a cream color or another crook of the arm bag but in this case, it works perfectly for me. I tend to wear denim all year round and I'd be so paranoid about color transfer if it was a crossbody. 

Christian Dior Medium Book Tote in Blue Toile de JouyOf this entire list, this is the one I've been eyeing the longest (3+ years!) and what I'm planning to get next! It's going to be my birthday present to myself and I can't wait. The embroidery is like a work of art in itself and it's a beautiful statement piece that still feels like a classic. 

What bags are on your wishlist?


  1. I've been dying for a Birkin bag since college!

  2. Yes I totally get it now! I would love to get a Birkin or Kelly for my 40th birthday! (Aka next year 🤯)


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