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Madewell Transport Shoulder Crossbody Bag | I'd been eyeing this bag for months in the cabernet color (which is no longer available) and I finally took the leap during Black Friday since I was able to layer my $10 reward on top of that. I've been using this bag so much! It's a great size where it's small but can still fit a book and I love that there are multiple ways to wear it with the different straps. 

J.Crew Villa Coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool | Almost every winter coat I own is tailored and slim-fitting with the exception of my Amazon jacket and that's been a very deliberate choice. So I was surprised when I found myself being drawn to this oversized wool coat and in green too. I decided to give it a shot because of a sale (pretty much the theme of most of the items on this list!) and at first I was like, whoa this much bigger than I'm used to. But then as I tried styling it different ways, especially with a bag, and got over my initial reaction, I really fell in love the look and style on me, even with my petite frame. With J.Crew, depending on the coat I would say I'm usually a size 0-2P so I went with 0P due to its oversized nature. I personally wouldn't go down more than that in case you want to wear bulky sweaters underneath because I think the armholes would feel tight. And I'd also recommend a color instead of black. I do think the green contributes to it not looking frumpy. 

Dagne Dover Accordion Travel Wallet | I genuinely bought this wallet with the intent of using it for travel but when it arrived, I loved the whole look of it -- from the size to how slim it is and the color that I ended up making it my daily wallet. It's been over a week now and I don't see myself switching to my usual wallet anytime soon. 

Ana Luisa Toda Double Hoop Earrings | The older I get, the pickier I've become about jewelry, especially when it comes to earrings. I tend to gravitate towards the same 2-3 pairs but when I saw these, I had a feeling it would make it into that daily earring rotation and I was right! They're simple and elegant but that double hoop makes it a bit more interesting. 

Abercrombie & Fitch LuxeLoft Oversized Legging-Friendly Crew Sweater | I own like 4 pairs of dressier leggings and not enough tops that are long enough to cover me up. Which is why I got this sweater and it is SO soft and comfy! I'm tempted to get more colors (but I haven't yet!). 

Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder in Monogram | This is the first of two Christmas presents to myself. I admit, I was totally influenced by fashion influencers but no regrets. It's just so chic-looking and a much more organized way to carry my keys. Plus I actually like keeping my house keys and car keys separate now since I basically don't drive Monday-Friday anyways because I take the bus to work. 

Everlane ReNew Teddy Slippers | Because I got these during the Black Friday sale, I got them 50% off and I adore them. I got them in "Nirvana" (aka lavender) and the color is just so pretty! My feet tend to get cold pretty easily so these are perfect for me. I bought them as house slippers (hence the purple) but they actually have a really sturdy rubber sole so I actually think they could be worn outside if you wanted to use them as outdoor shoes instead. 

Tory Burch Ballet Loafer | My second Christmas present to myself! I've been on the hunt for classic black loafers. I've tried Sam Edelman but my feet are in this weird in-between size with their loafers so even though I wanted to make their leather ones work, they didn't. Then I tried Steve Madden but their pointed loafers wore out too easily and again, the sizing was a bit off for me. And then I tried Madewell and while the sizing was perfect, the leather on their loafers was so hard and uncomfortable that I'm now going to sell those on Depop. At one point, I considered splurging on Gucci loafers because I love how they look but I still had the same concerns. And that's when Tory Burch released their ballet loafer. I put them on my wishlist for months and a couple weeks ago, I went to the store just to try them on but as soon as I put them on my feet, I knew I was buying them. The leather is incredibly soft and comfortable, the fit is absolutely perfect, and they required no breaking in whatsoever. I wore them to work (aka lots of walking in the city) and didn't have a single problem or blister. I love them and am fighting the temptation to get another color. 

I admittedly shop a lot between Black Friday and Christmas but I can honestly say that I'm incredibly happy with all my purchases so I was really excited to share them today on the blog. 

Have you bought anything lately that you're obsessed with?

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  1. OMG! I hadn't seen the ballet loafers but I love them so so much! You know Tory is my fave- I'm going to have to add these to my wish list!


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