Looking back on 2021

As I began working on this post today and trying to figure out how to sum up 2021, I figured I'd start with the easiest part and put together my collage first. In putting it together, I (just) realized it has 12 photos so I thought, why not do something different and choose one photo from each month in 2021 to highlight. As I went through my albums, it became a walk down memory lane and it reminded me that I shouldn't let the last two weeks of pandemic anxiety, fatigue, and uncertainty (all of which I've been feeling on and off all year but especially lately) negate what a wonderful year 2021 turned out to be in spite of all that. 

I've always looked at the new year as a clean slate and I can't think of a better way to end 2021 than with family (going to my Dad's later!) and with gratitude. So here's what I'm grateful for from this past year: 

Being vaccinated and boosted. I'm not trying to be a PSA here but if I'm going to be 100% honest, this is the first thing that comes to mine. Being vaccinated (along with my friends and family) is what allowed us to have some semblance of normalcy. Being able to gather again in groups, outdoor and indoor. I could walk into my dad's house without a mask. My nephew could finally see my face. And even when people around me did get COVID, their symptoms were mild. It provided me with a lot of peace of mind. 

Gathering with family. Our first big family get together in over a year was for my birthday and it was the best present ever. There was nothing else I wanted more. I still remember that surreal moment when we were all inside the house without our masks on. We all kind of had this "whoa" look on our faces because it had been so long! Then we got together for my dad's birthday, my mom's 2nd anniversary, and Thanksgiving. I had missed these moments so much and I'm glad we got to have them again. 

My amazing friends. The last couple of years have been rough but I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great group of friends who readily give their love, support, and make me laugh. Alexa and I continued with our monthly hangouts and once I started going back into the office, we resumed monthly breakfasts too (not to mention trip planning!). We plus Kristin and DJ were able to make plans multiple times. DJ and I went to Cold Spring, NY. Carina and I had monthly dinners, plus went to the Harry Potter NYC Store and Storm King. Mary Ann and I had our brunch dates. Not to mention, the near daily texts with all of them reminding me that I'm not alone. 

Going back to the office. I know this is an odd one since most people don't want to go back to the office. But working from home on top of living alone just isn't great for my psyche. I like going in to work and so I didn't mind the hybrid model of working from home 3 days and going in for 2. I genuinely like my coworkers too and since I moved my seat, I basically sit with all my work buddies. It's constant chatter, gossip, and going out for lunch. My favorite days of the work week were usually when I was there. 

I went on a trip! This is a big one because you all know how much I love and need travel in my life. Alexa and I road-tripped to Stowe, Vermont and it was exactly what I needed. The drive didn't feel long at all (thanks to our constant conversation and amazing playlist) and once we got there, we just fell in love with the fall foliage. We took drives every day to see prime spots, explored local tourist sights, ate good food, and just relaxed. It is not an understatement when I say this trip was one of my highlights of the entire year. 

And so much more. My baby nephew Ian who is a ray of sunshine in all our lives and a joy to watch grow up. My health, both physical and mental, and still learning every day how to take care of both. Getting that promotion at work. Being able to splurge on nice things. My relationships with my cousins. Having hobbies, like reading, which provide me with so much joy. I could go on and on! 

Those are my reflections for 2021! No year is perfect and while it certainly had its ups and downs, I'm grateful for the semblance of normalcy this year brought and I can't wait to see what 2022 brings! 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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  1. All in all, it seems like 2021 was better than 2022! I am so grateful we got to spend so much time together this past year!


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