Life Lately | Festive Fun Day 2021

We got to have Festive Fun Day with all three of us again this year (myself, Alexa, and Kristin) and it felt so good! Before I dive into the festivities though, I feel like I would be remiss not to mention that we are all very aware and worried about the Omicron variant in NYC. Which is why we took great pains to avoid crowds by starting our day at 8:30AM and leaving mid-afternoon, double-masking the entire time (except when we ate), and tried to avoid congested areas as much as possible. We all have plans to get tested multiple times this week because of the holidays so hopefully all will be well!

And with that out of the way, onto the photos:

We kicked things off with breakfast at Maman, which has truly become one of my favorite restaurants in the city. From there, we had tickets for Museum of Ice Cream to check out their Pinkmas Experience and it was so much fun! (Note: We got tickets for right when they opened and that is truly the way to go!) Both Alexa and I had been to MOIC when it first opened but it was pretty underwhelming at the time. This iteration of the museum is by far its best! 

There's obviously a ton of photo opportunities for your Instagram but the explosion of pink is just very much our aesthetic. Each room had an adorable theme (the pink subway was my favorite) and the activities were a lot more engaging. We got to choose our ice cream name (A, K and I chose Birthday Cake, Ube, and Red Velvet respectively), share what we're grateful for (friendship!), learn facts about ice cream (did you know it has the perfect mix of sugar and fat that our brains are designed to crave?), eat at stations set up for sweets (or alcohol), and jump into the sprinkle pool (but we completely avoided that cesspool of germs). We really enjoyed Pinkmas and best of all, we beat the crowd! 

After the museum, it was time to go shopping! We went to Tory Burch and the Hill House Home pop-up store. At the latter, we managed to find the sold-out Bridgerton-inspired nap dresses! You could only imagine how surprised and excited we were. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in the purple but Kristin and Alexa managed to snag a purple and pink one, respectively (so jealous!). The store is adorable though and a must-visit for #NapDressNation lovers in the area. Then we got the holiday special at Taiyaki Ice Cream but no indoor dining was allowed so we ate outside and luckily it wasn't too, too cold. From there we ended our day with Bryant Park to see the tree (too many people though so we quickly left after that) and Kinokuniya Books


I'm so grateful that we could continue our Festive Fun Day tradition this year! 

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  1. I had so much fun on our festive day out and I'm so glad we were able to make it happen this year despite everything. Hopefully next year will be more normal!


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