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Downton Abbey
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I watched Season 1 of Downton Abbey in 2012 but I honestly couldn't have told you a single thing that happened. For whatever reason, the show just didn't click with me so I was convinced it wasn't as great as everyone said it was. Cut to this past summer when I decided to randomly give it another shot and guess who binged all 6 seasons and the movie? I am such a huge fan of the show now! It only took me 10 years to get the hype but I can safely say this show is one of my all-time favorites.

Downton Abbey
is a British historical drama set in a fictional Yorkshire country estate in the early 1900s and follows the lives of the Crawley family, who own the estate, and their servants. The theme of rich versus poor runs through every episode and we see life, especially as the times begin to change, from their different points-of-view. And for all their social standing differences, there are unexpected friendships, loyalty, and romance "within their station" and possibly even outside of it (the scandal!). You become invested in both sides: their hopes, their trials, their joy and anger, and everything in between. Six seasons is a long time so the show and its characters did have its ups and downs but for the most part, I thought it was all excellent.

My favorite characters are: Violet, Mary (this might be surprising but I adored her), Sybil, Anna, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, and Matthew. Then eventually Tom, Edith, and Cora make it on that list as well. I really could just go on and on. So if you're a fan of period pieces, I can't recommend this enough.

Only Murders in the Building
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Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin are the crime-solving trio I didn't know I needed in my life. This show took me completely by surprise with how well-told the story was. I'm admittedly terrible at predicting things but this plot genuinely kept me guessing! Mabel (Gomez), Charles (Martin), and Oliver (Short) are three strangers who are obsessed with true crime and live in a ritzy Upper West Side apartment building called the Arconia. When one of the tenants is found dead, they're determined to prove it was murder and not only do they begin to investigate it, they start a podcast to share their findings.

There are only 10 episodes, at 30 minutes each, so I couldn't wait for a new episode to release each week and while a part of me wished the episodes were longer, it really was the perfect format. It's funny, well-written, and despite its heavy storyline, it has a lot of heart. We learn a lot about Mabel, Charles, and Oliver's backstories and watch them become real friends. I absolutely enjoyed their dynamic and couldn't be more excited for a season 2. 

Available on Netflix

Even though Netflix was heavily promoting Maid (I swear, every time I logged on the trailer would play), it wasn't until my best friend encouraged me to watch it that I gave it a chance. And wow, I am so glad I did. It's an emotional ride for sure but the acting was top-notch and knowing it was based on a memoir made it all much more heart-wrenching to watch.

Alex Russell is a single mom with a two-year old daughter who flees her partner and domestic abuser to start a new life, which is of course extremely difficult. She goes to a shelter, gets a job cleaning houses at Value Maids, and slowly faces the abuse she's suffered in order to take steps to heal. But at every turn, it seems like the hits just keep on coming. I kept thinking, goodness can't this woman catch a break? It would be easy for all the struggles to weigh down the whole show but the cinematography, Margaret Qualley's superb acting (she better be nominated for all the awards!), and eclectic cast of characters who really brought their personalities, prevented that from happening. As a viewer, you really believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for Alex and her daughter and it is so worth it to watch them get there.

What have you been watching lately?

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