Paranormal Book Club: Altered

For the newcomers: Alexa, DJKristin and I unofficially formed the Paranormal Book Club and the goal is to re-read (or in some cases, read for the first time) old YA paranormal books. The plan is to read a book/series per season (which I'm tracking here) and after, we'll answer five questions.

So far we've read The Iron FeyBeautiful Creatures, Sweet Evil, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Born Wicked, and Tiger's Curse together and today I'll be talking about our latest read: Altered by Jennifer Rush.

Here are my thoughts:
  1. What were your initial thoughts about the book? Were you excited to read it?
    I read Altered when it first came out and even all these years later I've never forgotten the premise: Anna's father is part of a secret government project which requires them to live on a secluded farm and.. house four hot guys in their basement. That's not something you forget! But it was actually well-written and fast-paced. I kept up with the first two books back when they came out in 2013 and 2014 but never read the last one so I was excited to read this again for our club. And much to my surprise, it actually held up and I enjoyed it just as much as I did then. Although to be fair, as an adult, I was definitely wondering why Anna didn't ask more questions about the four boys. 

  2. What was your favorite quote or passage, and why did it resonate with you?
    "'Hope is a waking dream.' I let the words echo in my head. The quote reminded me of that feeling you get when you start to wake from a dream you don't want to leave. That crushing sensation in the center of your chest, like you are losing an important piece of yourself you won't ever get back." The part about waking up from a good dream that you just want to last a little bit longer was something that resonated with me. 

  3. Which character did you relate to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with?
    I don't know if I quite related to anyone but I connected with Anna. Her life is turned upside down but instead of hiding from the truth, she wanted nothing more than to undercover it all, even if it wasn't something she'd want to hear. I admired that about her. 

  4. Was there anything you wanted to see more of in the book, like more page time for a secondary character or a plot point you wish was explored more?
    I wanted to know more about each of the boys — Sam, Trev, Nick, and Cas. 

  5. What are your final thoughts? Would you read this book again and/or continue with the series? Would you read another book written by the same author?
    The first book held up surprisingly well and I went into this reread fully intending to binge the whole series, which I did. The first and third books were the strongest for different reasons and I'm so glad I finally finished the series. I would definitely read more from Jennifer Rush! 

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