Adventures in Anime #8: Golden Time

Adventures in Anime is a collaborative feature I have with Alexa Loves Books! The idea is simple – we watch anime together and then we answer 6 questions about what we enjoyed most. We'll do our best to keep it spoiler-free but we will be mentioning our favorites so keep that in mind!


After loving Your Lie in April, I found myself really wanting to watch another contemporary / slice of life anime. Golden Hour kept popping up in my search for something new for us to watch so we decided to give it a try. It totally exceeded my expectations! 

It's about Banri Tada, who is a new student at a private law school in Tokyo. He lost his memories after falling off a bridge on the night of his high school graduation and this is his fresh start. On his first day, he befriends fellow freshman Mituso Yanagisawa and meets his (crazy) childhood friend Koko Kaga who has followed Mitsuo to school, unbeknownst to him. But soon Banri ends up acting as their mediator before forming his own friendship with Koko that eventually (and obviously) blooms into more. The series is about the ups and downs of their relationship, the friends they make along the way (I loved their tight-knit group), and the aftermath of Banri's memory loss. I was just not expecting the maturity of the series or how much I would laugh and even cry while watching this show. I loved it!

For each of these posts, we will answer these questions!

Favorite character(s)

It's tough because there's something lovable about each of the characters and they all go through their own journey of growth on the show. But I'm going to go with Banri Tada since he is the heart of the show after all and the person who connects them all. 

Favorite episode
Episode 24, "Golden Time" – the way the show tied up loose ends was just so, so satisfying. 

Favorite scene 
There's a scene on the beach with their whole group that I loved. 

Favorite quote
"Once you miss the opportunity to say something, the words become increasingly toxic. The best thing to do is to just say everything." – Hayashida Nana

Favorite setting
It's probably cheating to say their college so I'll narrow it down to Banri's apartment as well as their friend Chinami's apartment too. There were plenty of fun scenes between the characters at both spots. 

Bonus! Favorite kiss
There's a moment when Koko asks Banri about his feelings for her. They're outside and it's raining when he slowly hugs her, then kisses her. It was just so sweet and romantic! 

So fellow anime fans, have you watched [show]?
And if so, what did you think?


  1. I love watching slice of life anime! I think it's my favorite genre. There's something about the imitation of life's mundane moments that draws me in and leaves me having a greater appreciation for life. :) top of mind favorites for me would be Usagi Drop, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, March comes in like a lion.. and I'm also constantly on the hunt for more. Golden Hour seems interesting, and I just might add it to my list. I enjoy watching college and working professional story lines that develop over time. Thank you for sharing!

    Anna Jo |

    1. Thank you for these recommendations! I'm definitely going to check them out. And I agree about the slice of life anime! With each one I watch, I'm appreciating them more and more. Aside from Golden Time, I also highly recommend Your Lie in April!


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