Happy Thoughts | Thanksgiving Edition

Even though I do consider myself to be more of a realist, I always try to make the best of any given situation. I try to focus on the good and just adapt. Now, that doesn't mean I don't have days when I feel down or mopey, or that the negatives never outweigh the positives. That's not true at all. I absolutely do have those moments and sometimes it's the bad stuff that seems to constantly replay in my mind. But like I said earlier this week, I have survived 2020 so far with my health (mental and physical) intact so I want to give thanks. 

Here's what I'm feeling thankful for!
(which are a mix of silly & sentimental)

my health plus that of my family & friends
a stable job that keeps me busy
apartment projects that make me love my home even more
getting to save a lot this year since I'm not commuting
seeing my family every week
cuddles and laughs with my baby nephew Ian
texts, IMs, and FaceTime calls with friends
safely hanging out with Alexa and Carina in person once a month
learning new things during quarantine 
(like how to curl my hair and winged eyeliner 😂)
that I can still find joy in spite of everything
reading, reading, reading
incredible sales all year long
... and being able to splurge on retail therapy when needed
cooking more often and trying new recipes
tiny moments of normalcy no matter how fleeting 
being on staycation this week
a brand new jigsaw puzzle to work on
that my betta fish Tomoe is almost 7 months old
binge-watching all the shows plus some of my faves are back on
(Hi This is Us and Grey's Anatomy!)
my new iPhone 12 Pro which I adore
blanket scarves from Abercrombie 
that Biden-Harris won the election (!!!)
Takeout every Friday night
Keeping up with most traditions, even if they're a bit different
Seeing my immediate family tomorrow 💖

What are you feeling thankful for?

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