Life Lately | Long Island City, Take 2

Alexa and I are continuing to alternate visiting one another every month and for October, it was my turn to go to her! Two weekends ago, we met up in Long Island City again but instead of just sitting on a blanket for 5 hours straight (which I loved, don't get me wrong), we actually walked around this time and had plans!

We kicked off the day with breakfast at 51st Street Bakery and Cafe. They had a bunch of tables set up for outdoor dining so we actually took advantage of that. We always get the breakfast sandwich, which is delicious, but this time we got it on a baguette and paired it with a chocolate croissant. The meal gave me such Parisian cafe vibes. From there we headed over to Gantry Park and proceeded to walk the entire length of it in one giant circle. It felt so good to stretch my legs and walk, plus we stopped to talk, admire the views and take pictures in between. My photos don't do the view justice! 

After the park, we walked to BookCulture LIC since it was only less than 25 mins away. We both had only been to that store only once before for an event so it was nice to step inside again. They had this hilarious sign out front that said: "If you hold a book in each hand, you can't touch your face." We explored the entire store and while I didn't walk out with a book, I did buy two candles and a notebook. It's such a cute store! 

And finally, we ended the day with ice cream from Ice & Vice! It was funny (and a little bittersweet) but we turned to each other excited to be taking an ice cream photo together after so long! Getting ice cream and just the whole outing in general felt like a normal day we would've taken together pre-COVID except we wore masks and kept our distance from other people. These hangouts really do make me happy because they end up being perfect Saturdays but also because they remind me to appreciate these little moments and to never take them for granted. 

Have you been able to hang out with friends lately?

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  1. This is still one of my favorite 2020 memories! It just ended up being such a lovely day, and everything really fell into place.


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