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For the newbies: From 2013-2017, I had a BookBags feature where I paired books with bags and in the middle of that, I introduced What's in my Bag as a subset of that feature where I shared what's in my bag and invited other bloggers to guest post too. I'm so excited to bring this feature back this year (2019)!

DJ from This Life in Fiction aka one of my dearest friends, amazing photographer and publishing marketer extraordinaire, is on the blog today to share what's in his bag!


Hello, friends! I’m excited to be a guest blogger today on Hello Chelly! I hardly every go anywhere without some sort of bag because I’m always carrying a million things and inevitably end up with more by the end of the day, haha. Let’s see what’s currently in my bag, shall we?

The Bag

Cat’s Out of the Bag | During the week, I use a Herschel backpack, but I do love a good tote. One of my favorites is this “Curled Up with a Good Book” tote that I bought at Brazos Bookstore earlier this year. I love that it’s wide and sort of has a flat bottom. I can fit a lot in here and the straps are nice and sturdy so I’m never worried about the weight. A lot of tote bags have pretty weak straps, so with the cute design that speaks to my cat loving soul and strong material, this was a no brainer purchase!

The Necessities

A Good Book Goes a Long Way | I always carry a book (sometimes two!) with me wherever I go because I never know when I might have some down time. I do most of my reading on the way to work since I can usually grab a seat on the train, but when I’m exploring the city, I often will stop in a coffee shop and take a reading break. Since it’s the summer season, you can usually find me carrying a contemporary romance of some sort! And you can’t go wrong with a good book sleeve to keep the book safe!
Hellos and Headphones | When I’m not reading, I’m listening to music, especially when I can’t get a seat on the train, so I never go anywhere without headphones and I usually use my Sony over-the-ear ones since the noise cancelling feature helps cut out all the city’s buzz and bustle. I’ve been listening to Maisie Peters a lot lately, but Evanescence usually makes their way into the rotation on a daily basis.

First Aid and Other You Never Knows | Living in New York City is rough, let me tell you! More often than not I find myself in need of a bandage or eye drops or some Neosporin. So, anytime I head out to work or to explore, I carry this merfolk pouch that acts as a first aid kit of sorts. The one item I always replenish is the tube of hydrocortisone. Surprisingly, it has come in handy more times than I can count!

Warby Parker Specs | Last, but not least, are my Warby Parker glasses. During the summer, I tend to wear contacts, but sometimes my contacts dry up beyond repair or they fall out, so I never want to be without a back-up plan. That’s where my glasses come in. I have horrible eyesight, so should my contacts fail, I always have my glasses to help me find my way.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what's in DJ's bag! 
What are some of your necessities?

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