What I'm Listening To | Podcasts, Take 2

The last time I wrote about podcasts was almost three years ago and my love for them has ebbed and flowed since. I think my preferred "background noise" will always be music, which shouldn't surprise anyone, but in the last year I've consistently listened to certain podcasts and it's because I've finally figured out what I personally enjoy best. The ones I've listened to the most are conversation style podcasts with someone of interest to me, such as a celebrity, entrepreneur or author and the person doing the moderating plays a huge role in whether or not I'll continue to come back for more. I hate to say it but there are just certain voices or interviewing styles that just rub me the wrong way so even if I'm interested in the guest, I'll find myself hitting pause and delete after 5 minutes or so. The four podcasts I'm going to talk about are ones I've been listening to for a while now and continuing coming back to.

This is the only one from my first podcast post to stick with me! It initially started off with conversations with strictly Young Adult authors but has now shifted to include adult authors and soon also essayists, podcasters, songwriters, and other storytellers. And that's really what it comes down to. Talking with creatives who share stories and what inspires them to do so. Sarah Enni does a great job of having creating a space for these guests to talk about how it started for them and she also relates with her personal experiences as an author too.

Some of my recent favorite episodes are:
Sarah Enni in hot seat as a debut author while Maurene Goo interviews
Susan Dennard talking about her writing journey
Roshani Chokshi who is just as charming on podcast as she in person
Sarah Dessen and all the books she's written over the years

Second Life features successful women who's made major career changes (hence starting their second life!) and how they've "fearlessly mastered the pivot." It's so inspiring to hear how these women decided to take their career by the reins with a huge risk by trying something new and came out on top by sheer will and determination. It's hosted by Hillary Kerr who went through her "second life" experience and decided to reach out to other women who've done the same.

Some of my recent favorite episodes are:
 Shay Mitchell: Actress, Author, Producer, and Entrepreneur (I only knew her as an actress!)
• Raissa Gerona: Revolve Chief Brand Officer (She's Filipino!)
• Kendra Scott: Designer and CEO (I listened to this episode and bought her jewelry immediately after)
• Aimee Song: Fashion Blogger, Influencer, and Author (so interesting to learn her backstory!)

It's no secret that I adore David Tennant and I will watch just about anything he's in but even I was a little surprised by his announcement to start a podcast. Obviously there was no question that I'd listen but still! I've listened to the entire first season as he's released episodes and I genuinely love it. What I love about his podcast is that all the guests are people he's worked with so the episodes sound like conversations between friends. And as someone who's very familiar with his movies and tv shows, I recognized 90% of who he brought on. The camaraderie between David and who he's speaking to shines through and you can tell he's genuinely fascinated by how they got started to where they are now. I really hope he does a season 2!

Some of my favorite episodes are (there's a lot):
Olivia Colman, who was in Broadchurch with him
Jodie Whittaker, also in Broadchurch and better known as The Doctor!
Ian McKellen, famous for his roles as Gandalf, Magneto and more
• Catherine Tate, one of his companions from Doctor Who
Krysten Ritter, Miss Jessica Jones herself
James Corden, who is just a lovely and honest human being
Michael Sheen, who is in Good Omens with him

Amid all the reality show hoopla which was clearly very fake, there was always something very real about Lauren Conrad in spite of that (to me at least!). It's no surprise that she's become a successful businesswoman and I've followed her career from Laguna Beach, The Hills (don't get me started on the reboot), her books (which I read!), clothing launches, her blog and now a podcast. It just launched in May so of the podcasts listed in today's post, this is the newest one I've added to my queue. I've listened to three of the six episodes so far but I can already tell it's a keeper. She's another interviewer who's asking friends to be her guests and their friendship shows in the laidback conversations they have. It's still interesting though and you'll recognize the names if you follow her on social media. Seeing as that I've only listened to a few episodes, I can't list any "favorites" per se but I can tell you you should definitely give this one a shot. I'm looking forward to listening to more!

What are some of your favorite podcasts?
Do you listen to any of the ones I've mentioned?


  1. Oh this is a great list! I'm always looking for new podcasts. I'm currently loving 99 cups of tea, but I'm definitely adding Second Life and First Draft to my list -- just subscribed! Thanks for sharing :)

    Afoma | afomaumesi.com

  2. I'm listening to the Aimee Song episode and you're right; her back story is really interesting. I followed her on and off when she was starting out and it's so amazing to where she is now. I don't know if you've listened to the Second Life Eva Chen episode but I liked that one as well. I don't listen to podcasts often since I prefer music and/or shows as background noise but when I do, I like to listen to NPR's "How I Built This" and JVN's "Getting Curious".

  3. I've only listened to a few of the episodes for David Tennant's podcast, but I'm biased and enjoyed them because it's DAVID FREAKING TENNANT. I also really enjoy First Draft, though I'm behind on listening! I'm terrible at listening to podcasts in general, but I would like to make it a more regular thing.


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