Summer Bucket List

After creating summer bucket lists for three years straight, I was tempted to not do one this year. Only because I usually have a lot planned for the summer anyway. But I couldn't! I just love the tradition and there's something so gratifying about crossing items off a list. Plus when I'm putting it together, it's not just about the places I want to see, it's also about things I want to remember to do for myself and certain experiences I want to have. 

So without further ado, here's my 2019 summer bucket list!

Spend a weekend learning a new skill 
(or working on an existing one)
Go to Shakespeare in the Park
Plan a summer vacation
Visit the Seaglass Carousel
Visit a new-to-me museum 
Complete my living room revamp project
Try 3 new ice cream spots
Read at least one classic
Take a personal day just for me
Go to a concert
Go to a Broadway show
Learn how to cook 2 new Filipino recipes
Delete/Ignore all social media apps for a day

What do you want to do this summer?


  1. 1) I absolutely LOVE the graphic you made for this post. I'ts gorgeous!!! 2) YES! We have to plan Shakespeare in the Park- we should do it before Much Ado About Nothing closes! 3) the seaglass carousel is beautiful! I would love to go there again (*invites self along* lol) 4) I love the ignoring of social media for a day! If you enjoy it, you should try for a whole weekend!

  2. You're inspiring me to want to make seasonal bucket lists for 2020! Perhaps I will ;)


with love,