Announcements: New blog design + Friends Read Here!

I'm super excited to share two announcements with you all!

First, my blog has a new design! This new look is like a breath of fresh air. I purchased a template from Fearne Creative Design, who was super helpful in making some minor customizations for me. And then I went in to add my own finishing touches to the overall look and I am so happy with how it turned out! I love the slideshow at the top which will force me (in a good way) to take more photos which you'll start to see in my reviews. I updated my graphics and simplified the categories at the top. Now I just want to dissect every page and see what else I can change so don't be surprised if I continue making tweaks. I'm so excited to finally unveil it today!

And my second announcement is this:

Estelle and I are collaborating on a fun project for the next 30 days called, Friends Read Here! It all started during Galentine's Day when we came up with the beginnings of an idea – create a list of friendship books but also make it collaborative and open to the public somehow. We were stuck on the how for months until we finally figured out what we wanted to do. So here it is: starting today we'll be counting down to National Best Friend's Day on June 8 by sharing friendship books and personal stories on the new Instagram account we created called @friendsreadhere. Best of all, we want contributions from followers (please follow us!) to share on the account too.

You just need to take a picture of a friendship book you love and share a personal BFF story (could be present day, past, an ex-bestie – whatever you want!) along with it to be used as the caption. Then email the unedited photo and caption to us at and we'll post it. Estelle and I will get things started for the next week or so but we can't wait to share what you have to say as well!


On a personal note, it feels so good to be creative. Changing up the design and having this project with Estelle is exactly what I needed right now. I hope you like the blog changes and I especially hope you'll join us in celebrating friendship and the books that portray them for the next 30 days! ☺


  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN!!!!! It's absolutely beautiful!!! And I can't wait to take a Friends Read Here photo!!

  2. I told you before already, but I just want to say that the new design suits you and your blog so much! And I also love Friends Read Here - it's such a great concept for an Instagram account.

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