Happy Thoughts

It finally feels like spring! Over the weekend I switched out all my winter clothes and packed away the thick comforters and thermal curtains (yes, I get cold very easily). It felt like a good time to share another happy thoughts post because one, warmer weather puts me in a much better mood and two, I've had a lot of heavy personal stuff going on and I could use the a reminder to focus on the good.

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere
Dessert and ice cream dates with friends
Putting away winter stuff
Breaking out all my cute dresses and blouses
Flats and sandals > boots any day
Scoring tickets to see Avengers: Endgame
Much better weeks at work
Half-lazy half-productive weekends
Two of my cousins joining Sunday family lunches
Finishing 1000 piece puzzles
Quality-time with my parents
Beautiful editions of books I love
Fresh eyelash extensions
My new (refurbished) Dyson hair dryer
Snacks from Trader Joe's
Group texts with friends
Stars Above at Target (so comfy!)
Incredible people who support me
Fruit snacks & Diet Coke
Leaving work and the sun is still out
Likewise, waking up & it's not pitch black
Paris with Alexa in 15 days!

What are some of your happy thoughts right now?

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  1. I enjoy seeing these list posts! It's always good to remember the things that are bringing you cheer <3


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