Friends with ARCs | You'd Be Mine + Descendant of the Crane

pub 4/2/19 by Wednesday Books
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received from pub for review
Country music, drama and romance? You’d Be Mine was exactly what I wanted it to be, albeit with slightly more angst than I expected but I didn’t mind one bit. Country heartthrob Clay Coolidge is kind of a bad boy but when his label has had enough of his antics, they give him an ultimatum — convince Annie Mathers to join his summer tour, or else they’ll drop him. Annie has purposely stayed out of the spotlight after witnessing her parents’ volatile marriage and later their tragic deaths. But no one, even Annie, can deny she’s inherited their musical talent and love of sharing music with the world, which is why the label wants her. Against her better judgement (but to my happiness), she and her band join Clay on tour and of course sparks fly between them.  They may try to deny it but fans and friends see otherwise. The romantic tension is certainly high throughout the entire book and I was 100% there for it. The book alternates between their points-of-views, which worked really well. They each have their own issues to work through and it’s important for the reader to be privy to that as the back and forth between them continues. And while Clay may be the charmer (I was certainly charmed!), Annie was my favorite. I loved her sass, pure joy at making music and genuine kind nature. If you’re in the mood for romance, love country music and miss summer as much as I do — you’ll want to check out this book.

Favorite country song: I’ve been obsessed with Maren Morris since last year and my favorite songs of hers is Just Another Thing. But also, special shout-out to Vice by Miranda Lambert and Love by Jana Kramer (who I’ve seen live twice with Alexa!).

pub 4/2/19 by Albert Whitman Company
Young Adult - Fantasy
Received from pub for review
Between my evolving taste in books and feeling like YA is inundated with fantasy these days, I have to admit I approached Descendent of the Crane with trepidation. I knew I wanted to love it (I mean, look at that cover you guys) but within the first few chapters I knew how I’d most likely feel about it by the end and I was right. Princess Hesina becomes Queen of Yan when her father is found dead but while others decree it a natural death, she believes it was murder and opens a formal investigation to prove it. Doing so opens up a pandora's box, especially when she turns to a soothsayer for help in spite of magic being outlawed and enlists a criminal named Akira to be her investigator. She’ll stop at nothing to get the truth but what price will she and others have to pay for it? A solid premise was there, which is why I wanted to read it in the first place, but unfortunately nothing wowed me. The characters were underdeveloped and the catalyst poorly introduced, and yet there was this expectation for the reader to immediately latch on and connect to Hestina’s journey for truth. Due to the lackluster writing and world plus character building, I never once felt connected to Hestina, nor anyone else in the book for that matter, and as a result I cared little for her ordeal. The second half does improve pacing-wise but it still wasn’t enough to raise my opinion.

Favorite proverb or motto: “Actions speak louder than words” had always been one of my faves.


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  1. You'd Be Mine was really good! I was surprised to find it wasn't quite the lighthearted contemporary I'd been expecting, but that definitely didn't diminish my overall enjoyment of the story.


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