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pub 1/8/19 by Simon Pulse
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of my favorite shows all throughout high school, college and beyond. I’ve seen every episode at least 3 times and I even had the movie on VHS. I say all this because as a BtVS fan, I get that for some it’ll be hard to not to go in with high expectations and a more critical eye. But honestly, I enjoyed Slayer so, so much and I went in knowing nothing other than it was a spin-off series. I thought it perfectly balanced adding something new (and canon?!) to the Buffyverse and sprinkling just enough name-drops and nods to make long-time fans nostalgic for the show. It’s about Nina, who grew up and still lives in the Watcher’s Academy alongside her twin sister Artemis and their mother who’s a member of the Watcher’s Council. But Nina has always been set apart. Rather than to embrace their violent lifestyle (yes I know, this surprised me too), she’s chosen to train as a medic within their school to heal others. But then in a twist of fate and thanks to Buffy (Nina’s connection to Buffy is brilliant), Nina becomes the newest Chosen One and the last Slayer, EVER. Suddenly Nina is questioning who she is and what it means to be a Slayer or a  Watcher or in her case, a bit of both. I loved seeing this other side of the story! It was fascinating to see the Slayers and Buffy especially through the eyes of a Watcher’s daughter. I didn’t even know they could have families! And while I certainly didn’t agree with Nina, I connected to the emotional turmoil she felt and how she just wanted to do good in this world. Seriously kudos to Kiersten White for being able to carve a space for her story in a beloved world that clearly respected the source material while adding something all her own.

Do I recommend? I do! I’m ready for book 2.

Top 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Episodes
After reading Slayer, it was impossible to not think of the show and rewatch, which I'm definitely planning to do sometime soon. The last time I rewatched the entire show was back in 2010 (thank you Netflix!) so it's definitely long overdue. I thought it would be fun to share what my top 5 episodes are, going strictly on my gut instinct. I think that if I were to rewatch, I'd probably 5 more episodes to this list but I feel pretty good about the ones I'm about to list.

  1. "Angel" Season 1 Episode 7 | I will never forget the moment they revealed that Angel was a vampire. I was already in love with the show by that point, but that just took it to another level. Also, that song that plays at the end ("I'll Remember You" by Sophie Zelmani) is still one of my faves. 
  2. "Becoming Part 2" Season 2 Episode 22 | If you didn't cry your eyes after Buffy sent Angel to hell and "Full of Grace" by Sarah McLachlan started playing, I don't even know what to say to you. 
  3. "Bad Girls" Season 3 Episode 14 | Buffy and Faith were such perfect foils to one another but I loved it best when they were fighting on the same side and owning their lives as the Chosen Ones. Until the end which showed exactly how these two Slayers were different. 
  4. "Doppelgänger" Season 3 Episode 16 | This episode was so well-done and just funny. Watching Alyson Hannigan play such two different sides of the same character was amazing. Plus it showed just how important Willow was to everyone. (Even Giles hugged her!) 
  5. "Hush" Season 4 Episode 10 | To pull off an episode like this with barely any dialogue.. only Buffy! The Gentlemen were also one of their creepiest villains ever. 
  6. Memorable Mention "The Body" Season 5 Episode 16 | I wouldn't call this a favorite because it's a really though episode to watch but it was so heartbreakingly done. I just cried and cried. And everyone's performances were outstanding. I had to mention it. 

Are you planning to read Slayer?
And what are you favorite Buffy episodes?


  1. I cannot wait to read Slayer! I'm hoping to do so next week!

  2. Angel is SUCH a good episode, as is Becoming! Dang, now I'm tempted to rewatch just for fun :D


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