Stacking the Shelves (62)

I'm a few days late with this post but better late than never! My latest purchases have been a mix of anticipated books and pretty classics to add to my shelves. I'm trying to focus mainly on classics I've already read but honestly, there are so just so many beautiful editions out there! It's taking all of my self-control to only buy a couple at a time. Then, of course, some lovely publishers sent me ARCs (Archenemies!) and finished copies that I'm really excited about.

So, onto the books!


What new books have you guys gotten lately?

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  1. I have to work very hard to resist buying pretty classics! There are so many appealing editions that exist that I have to actively tell myself "no!" so I don't just buy them all. That said, I do like the color of that edition of The Joy Luck Club and I would like to read it someday!


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