July 23, 2018

Happy Thoughts

You know the saying that bad news or bad things usually comes in threes? Well, I was definitely dealt three situations last week and I was feeling pretty bummed and anxious about it all. And I know everyone has problems and mine are probably minor by comparison and yadda yadda yadda, but when crappy stuff happens it's hard not to wallow and wonder, why is this happening to me right now?

First, I targeted with a scary phishing scam email that sounded so real and even had one of my passwords mentioned in it that I completely freaked out. I changed everything, deactivated my Facebook account and spent most of Monday in a state of worry. Everything turned out fine and it truly was a scam but it was the first time I felt unsafe on the Internet. Then I came home that day to find a bug infestation in my apartment which was caused by the open window in my living room (which apparently has been open since I put my A/C there last summer and I never knew!). After killing more bugs that I've ever had to in my life (I still shudder thinking about it), I fled to my parents' house for two nights. By Wednesday, my landlord and I declared my apartment safe and I was able to come home (thank goodness!). But of course then my allergies started acting up a day later and over the weekend I woke up with my eyelids swollen.

Your girl has been having a really bad week.

It's during moments like this that I find myself wanting to write down what's making me happy. Because in spite of all my recent stress, I've had some fun moments too and I'd much rather focus on the good instead of the bad right now.

mermaid ice cream from Soft Swerve
re-reading The Darkest Minds
stumbling across beautiful spots in the city
leaving work early on Fridays
my upcoming trip to Aruba with Carina
family birthday parties
filling up the rest of my summer with fun plans
splurging on a bag I've had my eye on since last year
my cute dress and flats summer uniform
sticking with my health/weight goals and making progress
Joshua Jackson on The Affair
Watching Cloak and Dagger and Yona of the Dawn
friends who understand your freakout moments
going to the movies with my cousins
seeing how happy my mom was when I slept over their place
making progress on a super hard 1000 piece Star Wars puzzle
when people see how hard you work & actually say something
giving myself a mental-health day from work
all the dinners and outings with friends this week

What are some of your happy thoughts right now?

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  1. I feel like July has been such an emotional roller coaster of a month, and I'm sorry you had to deal with all those situations! Here's to hoping next month is a lot better - and to celebrating all of these happy-making things <3


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