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Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno
pub 6/5/18 by HarperTeen
Young Adult - Magical Realism
Received from pub via Edelweiss
Plot • Magic has been passed down through almost every generation of women in the Fernweh family and Georgina is still waiting for her turn. With her 18th birthday soon approaching, she worries her gift will never appear. That she’ll be normal compared to her twin Mary, who’s had an affinity for floating since birth. And in their small town, an island called By-the-sea, their family’s strangeness is accepted though not acknowledged out loud (unless someone needs a potion or two). And every summer an allegedly 300 year old bird comes to their town to roost, attracting birdwatchers and ornithologists. Then tragedy strikes placing the Fernweh women under suspicion and Georgie is determined to learn the truth about it all - the tragedy, magic and herself.

Characters • It was so easy to slip into Georgie’s shoes. She’s coming-of-age and on the cusp of something she can’t quite foresee. I don’t need to be a potential witch (they don’t use that word but basically there’s a Practical Magic vibe that implies so) to relate to her feelings of wanting more and yet being afraid of change. I enjoyed her voice so much and how she interacted with all the different characters.

Writing • I’ve given a handful of magical realism books a try but only really enjoyed a few. Well, count this one on the really liked list! The atmosphere of the story, Georgie, her family and friends and this mysterious bird just drew me in. There’s this poignant quality to it, all the way up until the last page.

Overall feelings • I really liked it! If you enjoy stories involving magical realism, mystery and sisters, you should check this out.

Have you ever played with a Ouija board? • Once during the first and only sleepover I ever went to. I was probably 11 and completely freaked out by it.

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  1. I was so pleasantly surprised by Summer of Salt! It's a quick read (I really flew through it even though I read it while I was traveling), but it packs a punch for sure. And it has that really good mix of magical elements in a mostly realistic story!


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