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Here are some non-bookish articles I really liked this past month and my latest loves.

1 / My good friend Hannah of So Obsessed With wrote this beautiful post about motherhood. It's so moving that I found myself tearing up over breakfast while reading it at work!

2 / There are moments when I think to myself that I'm not sure if I'll ever get married and sometimes I'm okay with that, sometimes not. When I saw that nearly exact headline on The EveryGirl, I had to read it.

3 / "As an only child who went to a women’s college, I learned early that female friendships are kind of everything." Just swap women's college for all-girl's high school and this is me. I love odes to female friendships and this one on Cup of Jo is no exception.

4 / Apartment Therapy is one of my favorite home decor sites and I was pleased to see that I already do everything on their "How to Shop at IKEA Like an Apartment Therapy Editor" post.

5 / I've said it before, I'll say it again: Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg are my #relationshipgoals.

6 / World of Wanderlust tackles "how to travel with your best friend (and have a great time)" and her tips are spot on. I can say that because I've had both amazing and not-so-great experiences traveling with friends ☺

7 / Disney announced the opening date for Star Wars Land (hint: 2019!) and Carina and I are already talking about going.

8 / I am all about the meal prep this days and Apartment Therapy shares 5 Instagrammers to follow for inspiration!


1 / Ever since I tried these Unreal Chocolate Gems (aka healthier version of M&Ms), I've been obsessed. I have such a sweet tooth and I have cut back a lot on my daily candy snacking. But these let me satisfy that craving!

2 /  I am so lucky to have a friend like DJ! I texted him a picture of this shirt after I saw a blogger I love wearing it online. I didn't have tickets to last month's Florence + the Machine concert but he did and was kind enough to pick this up for me. Thanks DJ!

3 / I have been on the hunt for some new skincare products especially since Drunk Elephant was a total bust for me (sorry DE fans!). I heard that Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil (plus two other products I'll share next month) were good for my combination, rosacea prone skin and so far, so good!


Do you have any links or loves to share?
Would love to hear about them!

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  1. I feel the same way about traveling with friends! I've been fortunate to have mostly good experiences traveling with other people, but I do know you've had both ups and downs ;)


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