Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Carina and I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this past weekend and I just had to write about it! I can't say too much though because it would be a disservice to anyone who hasn't seen it yet plus the show actually hands out buttons that say #KeepTheSecrets so that's what I plan to do!

What I will say though is that the show is a must-see for anyone who loves Harry Potter. While we both have read the books and seen all the movies, we knew nothing about the Cursed Child going in. Neither of us had read the screenplay or even knew what it was about. We only knew that it took place in the future and involved Harry's son. And it totally worked out in our favor to have no expectations! Every moment that happened during the play whether it was the incredible visuals of the set, the twists and turns of the story or meeting characters new and old was an absolute surprise and delight as a result! I was so impressed by the entire production. And I highly recommend seeing both parts in one day, which is what we did. Each part is 2.5 hours so that means we spent 5 hours total on this play and that time completely flew by. I did get a teeny tiny bit sleepy as it approached 10pm but that had more to do with me being an old lady than the show itself. I was 100% engaged by every moment of it.

Now for some quick tips! I got at least 3 reminder emails in the weeks leading up to the show and every single one said to be at Lyric Theatre an hour before it started. That's not really the case. For the first part, we were actually running a bit late so we grabbed a super quick lunch at City Kitchen which is conveniently one street over. Then we got on line 30 mins before the start of Part 1 and still had time to grab coffee before going to our seats (we also got water because we wanted the special Harry Potter cup but you can also get it filled with beer or frosé!). Then we got dinner at Smith's Bar and Restaurant (2 streets over!) before Part 2. Because it was only 5pm, there was no wait and since I'd been before, I knew the food was good. It gave us plenty of time to eat, take pictures out front, get back on line again, browse the store and refreshments and make our way back to our seats.

So long story short, I absolutely loved the play and hope they turn it into a movie some day. If you love Harry Potter, try your very best to see this!

Have you seen it and did you love it as much as I did?

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  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is such a magical experience! I truly agree about going into it not knowing anything being the best way - it makes the actual show even cooler and more impressive and magical.


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