Review: Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

Collaborative feature with Alexa. We read ARCs together and post our reviews on the same date.

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
pub 12/5/17 by Henry Holt and Co.
Young Adult - Contemporary
Received ARC from pub
Plot • When Claudia awkwardly overhears a very personal conversation between two classmates, the last thing she expects is to get paired up with one of them, aka one of the meanest girls in school, for a paper and a forced try-out for the school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. What initially seems like a disaster turns out be a experience that leads Claudia to explore new friendships and meeting a very cute boy that likes her for exactly who she is. But it's also about family and the growing pains one feels when it seems like everything is changing.

Characters • Basically, I loved everyone. Every Emma Mills book brings to life such heartwarming characters. Claudia is this genuinely kind human being, who's also flawed and reacting to the changes in her life. I enjoyed her relationships with her siblings, with her best friend, new friend in supposed mean girl Iris and one of the sweetest book boys ever, Gideon. Each of these different relationships go through ups and downs in ways that honest and relatable, which is exactly what I've come to expect from Mills' novels.

Writing • Each new release from Mills continually impresses me! Foolish Hearts is currently my favorite from her but I also said that about the last book. Her writing just speaks to me and there's something to be said about books that leave you with a giant smile on your face afterwards.

Overall feelings • In case you couldn't already tell, I loved it!

Favorite Shakespearean play • My favorite is the Tempest. It's been years since I've read it though so who knows, it maybe time for a reread.


  1. I've never read anything by Emma Mills but I've always been drawn to them because their covers are just GORGEOUS <3 Glad to hear you enjoyed this one!

  2. I read this one on a whim when I found a copy at work and I was completely overwhelmed by how much I loved it--so much so I'm going back to read Mills' debut too.

  3. FOOLISH HEARTS IS THE BEST! I'm now tempted to reread it after seeing your glowing praise :)


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